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A Grape Grower's Guide

A Wine Growers Guide

Our late Maryland mentor of viticulture, Phil Wagner, has left us a very user friendly book for the beginning grape grower. It covers vineyard planning, establishment and early-years management. Although it is written for beginners, you will find yourself turning to it frequently as a reference. If you are an aspiring table grape grower, don't be turned off by the title and the fact that Phil made wine straight through Prohibition; the contents of this book are equally applicable to growing table grapes.

Phil's recommendations on grapevine varieties are a bit rigid and a bit dated. At least half of the French hybrids he lists are no longer commercially cultivated. However, when updated with your own information on the suitability of varieties to your location, Phil's descriptions of growing habits and fruit characteristics are still accurate and informative. All of Wagner's books are as readable as a good novel. The price of this book is also user friendly, so click on the image to purchase it as an essential reference for your library.

From Vines to Wines

From Vines to Wines

Jeff Cox has written an excellent twofer for the aspiring or intermediate grape grower and wine maker. The vines and the wines are both presented in a very reader friendly format with professional illustrations. Even if you are a quick study, Jeff's book, like Phil Wagner's will serve as a reference for as long as you are growing and fermenting.

General Viticulture

General Viticulture

General Viticulture, the preeminent reference work in its field, is one of the best all around books about grape growing you could purchase. It focuses mainly on California viticulture but serves as a complete guide for grape growers at any location - an indispensable reference for the vineyard manager.

Click the book to purchase it through Amazon Books, or click here to learn more about it before making a decision.

Compendium of Grape Diseases

Compendium of Grape Diseases

In grape growing, as in most facets of life, if something can go wrong, it will. That's why it is necessary to have this book on the shelf. The internet, with the help of sites like the Grape Growers Notebook, now provides good information on the common grapevine maladies. But description of the less common diseases and insect pests are not yet available in cyberspace. Besides, this book boasts over 180 color plates of the ugliest (diseased) grapevines and grape clusters you ever hope to not witness in your vineyard. Good photos help you eliminate many possible disease and pest symptoms, and help point you to the proper text. The Compendium is user friendly and well worth the investment.


Sunlight Into Wine

This book is the most modern vineyard management book on the market. It is narrowly focused on vineyard layout, trellising, canopy and fruit zone management as a means of producing superior quality fruit and maximum yields. It is a good investment for anyone planning a commercial vineyard of two or more acres and should be studied well in advance of planting time.

Grape Growing


This was Michel's first grape growing book and he still refers to it often. Written by Robert J. Weaver, a former member of the UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology, it is still widely used and is a grape addition to any grape grower's library. It deserves a good update, but contains as much information as General Viticulture and has more illustrations. You can view more info or Purchase it here.

Grapes Into Wine


This book deserves a whole page of it's own! There isn't a vineyard owner or serious grape grower around that doesn't at least respect the late Phillip Wagner or love him. This text reads like poetry and is the only book I would own if I could only have one. It gave me a true appreciation of grape growing and is a steal at $14. This is a book to revive your spirits on those gloomy days just after a hailstorm destroyed your vineyard! It's available at Amazon.

Vineyard Simple


This is a great book and like "From Vines to Wines" it stands on it's own and has enough information for you to start your own vineyard without any other references. I recommend this one highly if you want to purchase just one book! Amazon.

Northern Winework


If you live where it's cold, this is the book for you! Amazon.

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